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Kiersten (Artistic Creator)

Kiersten Koenig has been a part of No9to5 since the beginning.  She’d been able to help us with the early photographs and video, while in high school, that we had when we were just starting out.  Kiersten officially joined the team in early 2012, and she has been helping me by providing No9to5 some of the most creative artistic concepts we’ve ever seen.  I call her an Artistic Creator because she does it all: she takes photos, designs t-shirts, shoots/directs videos, makes graphic design, and paints portraits.  Pretty much it’s just going to be a matter of time before she starts rapping and being a part of every aspect of this group.  Now a sophomore Photography major at Virginia Common Wealth University, my little sister Kiersten is about to change the game in whatever she does in life.  And I am hella glad that it’s No9to5 right now.

– J. Rowdy


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