Topiq the Smooth Prophet

Hip Hop artist/producer Topiq (the Smooth Prophet) was born in Philadelphia, PA but grew up in Fayetteville, NC.  He is a part of the No9to5 Music conglomerate, a hip-hop collective based out of Chapel Hill, NC.  Topiq is a lyricist that seems to have some sort of chip on his shoulder as he laces all instrumentals with the upmost lyrical prowess.   This upcoming artist has much to offer with his style of collaborating with those he deems dope, and his own skill.


  • Chillin in the Driveway Part VI: Return to Form - 12/14/13

    December 14th not only marks the release of Topiq’s Out of Questions, but is also the date of the sixth installment of our “Chillin in the Driveway“ performance, taking place at the Stars Theater & Arts Center. Cayso, J. Rowdy, Topiq and Optimus Rhymes will be joined by SkyBlew, Whiz Kid, B.C.P BackPacker, STAN Dolo and Alex Aff. Tickets are only $5 and the show is scheduled from 8-10PM, don’t miss an unforgettable night.

  • Big Beat Dance (Apple Juice Kid, ChocQuibTown and No9to5)

    What is this, you ask? Dance music with a bunch of horns and drums, including congas and timbales?  Who are all these people on stage? Is that the Latin Grammy Award-winning group, ChocQuibTown, performing with the incredible Apple Juice Kid? Are Cayso and Topiq up there, killing it on-stage, too? Well, the answer to all of your questions is yes.

    When he’s not juggling time between his own music career, teaching and running the Beat Making Lab, Stephen Levitin – aka Apple Juice Kid – has also been kicking off his Big Beat Dance project. Be sure to keep an eye out for some future collaborations between Apple Juice Kid and No9to5.

    Apple Juice Kid: DJ
    ChocQuibTown: Vocalists/Horns/Drums
    No9to5: Vocalists
    Beverly Botsford: Congas
    Brevan Hampden: Timbales
    Atticus Reynolds: Drums

    November 21, 2013
    UNC-Chapel Hill Memorial Hall
    Chapel Hill, NC

  • Topiq the Smooth Prophet - Same Drug, Same Time

    Topiq and two other artists – Mark Hanley, DJ, and Emily Musolino, Bass, Drums, and Vocals – were invited to take part in DURTY Durham Art Collective’s Chaos Theory project. Every week, a group of random artists in the Durham area are invited to come by the DURTY studio and record a track together; they are given one hour. If  ”Same Drug, Same Time” could be conceived and recorded in a single hour, there’s no telling what’s in store for everyone on December 14th, when Out of Questions is released.

  • Topiq the Smooth Prophet - My My My

    Out of Questions drops December 14th on 2DopeBoyz, but Topiq has already dropped a second track off the upcoming album. “My My My” is produced by Chapel Hill’s hilghly talented Fourth Shift and showcases a raw side of Topiq not seen on many of his other tracks.

  • (J) Rowdy - Jedi(s) On Broadway

    Two weeks into his #MasterPlanMondays series, (J) Rowdy is back with another track for you. Produced by Topiq the Smooth Prophet, “Jedi(s) on Broadway”  is a sleepy, hypnotic showcase of Rowdy’s flow. Once again, big thanks to Whiz Kid for the artwork. The project is being  mixed by Cayso.

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