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Hip Hop artist/producer Topiq (the Smooth Prophet) was born in Philadelphia, PA but grew up in Fayetteville, NC.  He is a part of the No9to5 Music conglomerate, a hip-hop collective based out of Chapel Hill, NC.  Topiq is a lyricist that seems to have some sort of chip on his shoulder as he laces all instrumentals with the upmost lyrical prowess.   This upcoming artist has much to offer with his style of collaborating with those he deems dope, and his own skill.


  • Code Switch 1 ft. Shia LeBeouf

    Somehow in his Hollywood adventures Topiq got Shia LeBeouf to bring some insight on the Code Switch EP.

  • Topiq – Code Switch (Single)



    After a dope animated short video, Topiq releases his latest Single Code Switch produced by Apple Juice Kid and Sup Doodle.

  • Topiq – Code Switch (Promo)

    So on my Hollywood adventure I made some friends with all sorts of talents. While sound engineering a performance for a friend of a friend’s birthday party a The Simpsons animator, Tricia Buchanan-Benson, was there and decided to draw myself and others as a parting gift. It inspired me to develop a concept EP titled Code Switch. Updates coming. I am excited to be alive! #CodeSwitchEP

    - @TopiqTSP



  • Topiq The Smooth Prophet – Out of Questions (Album)

    Topiq - My My My

    As we begin to open into a new year (Happy 2015 everyone) the Smooth Prophet has returned with his highly anticipated album Out Of Questions!

  • Topiq The Smooth Prophet – Agression Ft. JSWISS (Prod. U’nique Music)



    Topiq has been withholding his life lessons for too long and is finally letting his pent-up knowledge out on his latest Out of Questions single Aggression. Linking up with his No9to5 brother Mr. ALLCAPSNOSPACES and U’nique Music on the production. 

  • Topiq The Smooth Prophet – Holy Are Your Names ft. WillWildfire (Prod. Altair)


    The Smooth Prophet got some help from Will Wildfire and Uncle Mike for the latest single Holy Are Your Names off of his forth coming album Out of Questions.


  • Topiq the Smooth Prophet – My My My (Video)

    Nearly a year after dropping the track “My My My” off his Out of Questions project, Topiq the Smooth Prophet has released a hard-hitting video to perfectly complement the emotions of the song. Keep posted for new visuals and the highly-anticipated project release.

  • Topiq the Smooth Prophet – New School Hero feat. Lauren Ivie (prod. K-Hill)


    Back with his third release from his highly anticipated Out of Questions project Topiq presents to your reality and mine the New School Hero. The Smooth Prophets return was produced by K-Hill and Lauren Ivie on Vocals! FIRE. BARS. No9to5 HERE.


  • Erin Gold Films Presents: No9to5 Returns to Chapel Hill

    Erin Gold Productions links up with the No9to5 collective during their return to Chapel Hill for the Converge Music Festival. Brittany Hendricks finds out how your favorite hip hop collective got started, what they’ve been doing, and what the future holds for keeping those stages live.




  • Chillin in the Driveway VII (July 25th)



    We are bringing Chillin in the Driveway back once again with the SEVENTH straight show. That’s a show every summer and winter since 2010. That’s almost as consistent as the sunrise.

    We’re combining EDM and Hiphop for this show, breaking down barriers between genres and bringing people together. 

    We will have a DJ set from a skilled local DJ duo to kick it off, then a DJ set from Viking Breakdance, and then a Hiphop show from No9to5 Music.

    We are promoting this show heavily, passing out flyers around town, and going to different cities freestyling and passing out flyers and CDs.

    Official Lineup and admission price will be announced this week. #gethype

    - Cayso -

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